• Image of World Book Day offer price: The Gritterman (was £17.99)
  • Image of World Book Day offer price: The Gritterman (was £17.99)

'Extraordinary and original' Raymond Briggs

'Sometimes it feels like I might be the only person awake in the whole country. People might find that a lonely thought. Not me...'

As the rest of the world sleeps, the Gritterman goes out to work. Through the wind and the snow. Through the blue-black hours when time slips away, he grits the paths and the pavements and the roads. For him, a life without gritting is no life at all...

A song for the unsung hero, this is a story about stoicism, dignity and a man leaving behind the work that he loves. It is accompanied by the author's own illustrations.

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Published by Particular Books 7th September 2017
80 Pages
272mm x 203mm x 15mm

Read more at https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/306577/the-gritterman/#gUK6uL4LPkkA7qM8.99